Poinsettia Napkin Rings

Gearing up for Christmas?  I know, not yet – but I really don’t mind seeing it in the stores. I don’t! I would also love to be baking a lot, but since we are working (still) on our kitchen, that’s not an option.  So instead, I think I’ll make these pretty holiday napkin rings from Colleen at Mural Maker and More

Colleen has a wonderful tutorial on making these, and she also talks about the brands, which you know I appreciate. The napkin ring tutorial is so detailed, it makes me think even I could do this without a hitch!


This is the only button I could find, but it will take you right to her site.  Or click HERE and go directly to the tutorial! 


Tasty Tuesday #2

Today’s Tasty Tuesday spotlight is a SUPER SIMPLE delicious recipe from Tested, Proven, and Approved:

Apple Pie in the Apple

This photo is directly from the website, but I swear, when you make it yourself it will look this great!  I made this at home Saturday night.  It is fun to look at AND its delicious!  I love apple pie, and this version tastes great and makes a fantastic presentation!

For added fun, the website is in Portuguese, but it has a translator, so NO WORRIES!

Play around on Tested, Proven, and Approved, and you will find some deliciosas receitas (delicious recipes).


Love the unexpected!

Picture Plaques

Would you believe that this gorgeous decoration was created from DRAWER FRONTS??


Jen from Craftomaniac created this adorable decoration (well, its actually plural but I love it as a set…) from the drawer fronts of a baby changing table!

I have been following Jen’s blog for a year now, and she always does the unexpected and Makes it Happen.  Her upbeat attitude and out of the box creativity get you pumped up for crafting!  Reading her posts are like being cheered on by an aerobics a crafting instructor.  Or a great DJ.

Check out her project instructions, or link to the homepage of her website here, with her button:


Outside the Box: Lampshade

How many people would search for that perfect lamp? Honestly, I have bought junk then watched and waited until I found one or two with character, and I slipped them in their stead. One year I searched and searched for a discount version of a lamp that was WAY too much money.  I never did find it… But the point is, I believe that some of us feel that lighting and lamps are jewelry we give to the room.  Now of course, there are some people that can pull off lots of jewelry, and they know just how to do it, but many of us use standard accoutrements and use our lamps to liven up the space.

This crafter does both.  Honest!

How clever is this?  I love it:

I couldn’t find a site button, but the site is called A Little Glass Box, and the hostess is Courtney.

Please check out her site, here, for her description of the project, and her reasoning behind it. I just love a good story, don’t you?  and then run your eyes over the pictures and notice other ways she thinks outside the box. And then play around on her site for inspiration.

You can thank me later!

Autumn Door Decor

Simply lovely…

And the hostess of Cottage Beach House, Eileen, has created an easy to follow tutorial for us to create our own peaceful door decor.  This would work well right through the winter…


Please be sure to check out her blog for an enjoyable respite and some inspiration!



Tasty Tuesday

Someone asked me if I was going to add food to my blog, and while I wasn’t going to do this originally, I have decided to give it a try.  This will be just ONE day a week, only on Tuesdays.

My concern with adding food was that I really wanted things that inspired me to beautify my home.  HOWEVER, in talking about it I decided that adding food once a week would be fun for 2 reasons.  First of all because good food can inspire lively conversations, and conversations beautify my home!  Whether just family, or friends, and appetizers or entrees, food definitely inspires our lifestyle.  The second reason is that certain recipes always make me feel like we’re having a party!


For my first foody feature, I would like to spotlight Jenn from Peas and Crayons (www.peasandcrayons.com).  Her posts always feel like a party!

Jenn is not only an engaging blogger (& crafter), she is first and foremost an amazing FOODIE!  With a background in both art and dietetics, her recipes are works of ART and healthy, too (works of heART?)…

I don’t want to make this post too long, because I want you to go check out JENN’S BLOG and the RECIPE

But I have to tell you why I chose this recipe…  we were recently at a church luncheon and my 22 yo son and 14 yo daughter were DIPPING PRETZELS INTO THEIR PUMPKIN PIE!  And they insisted we go home and make some pumpkin pie and use it as dip…  I thought they were strange, until I remembered Jenn’s post.  HA, not that she is strange, but that she had created this amazing pumpkin dip.  And now I can tell you, it truly is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!

PLEASE check out Jenn’s blog for this and other delicious recipes and fun stuff (plus a link party, too!)


Charms – So Easy!

Just LOOK at this beautiful photo of these gorgeous charms:

I think these charms are beautiful, and I’m not normally into Victorian anything – these beauties are just lovely!

These charms were made by Angelina, who hosts Ruby Jean (or www.shopbyrubyjean.blogspot.com). Here is her button so you can peruse her site:

On her site you will find a TUTORIAL about how she made these charms.  The tutorial is detailed and includes lots of photos, simple instructions, and material brands that she used.  I find that it always helps when crafters and artists lists the brands of the materials they use, for two reasons…  One is that if I know of something equal to use but less expensive, I might try that, and reason two is that if I DO use different materials, and it doesn’t look as good as the original, then I can try it again using the correct materials (because sometimes its not the inept crafter – me – sometimes it really is my choice of materials!).

I am definitely going to make some of these!