Thrifty but Fancy Hurricane Candle Votives

Chelsea at Two Twenty One crafted these simple and simply beautiful Hurricane vase candle-holders.  I priced this out here in PA and going to either the dollar store or picking pieces up at Goodwill you will NOT have to go over $10 to make these elegant table decorations (except for the glue – but since you are a crafter, you probably have the glue used for this project, right?).  She made these last winter, but I had pinned them waiting for fall to come around again, because I think the peas are a perfect compliment to fall colors!

Chelsea showcases these as a centerpiece, but in my house I would have them on my sofa table, unless it was a holiday.  Because these vases/candle-holders are just too gorgeous to use only for special occasions.  Don’t you agree?

Be sure to check out here blog for the full (and easy!) tutorial!

two twenty one


One Comment on “Thrifty but Fancy Hurricane Candle Votives”

  1. Aw, thank you so much, Lori! Let me know if you make some of your own! 🙂

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