Fall Porch Decor – Porch #1

Out in blog-land, you will see so many porches beautifully decorated for fall.  I wanted to highlight a few of them…

The first post I want to highlight is from Custom Comforts. I chose her 2010 porch photo for several reasons.  The first was its simplicity.  There are some decorators who go all out and just FILL their porches with seasonal decor.  Most of us can’t and don’t want to spend that kind of money.  I felt that the Custom Comforts‘ porch was something everyone would love to do, and could really fit in many budgets.

The bench (on the left) is something she probably uses as an accent all year long, and all she did was artfully arrange some pumpkins and mums at different heights (bench, porch, and step) and add a dramatic bouqet on the door – and voila!  HUGE effect!

I didn’t find a button on her lovely site, so be sure to click on the photos or the links I’ve provided.

Happy Decorating!


Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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