Fall Porch Decor #2

Welcome Back!

In our neighborhood the trees are really starting to show their fall colors. This morning after church we took the kids out to grab some fast food from Sonic (did you know they offer breakfast? haha) and we took our lunch up to a local preserve near our house.  We took in the gorgeous colors of the mountain across from ours, and talked about the patterns the trees made  – there were lines of yellow, orange, and red.  Glorious!

But back at home I’ve started to see more fall decor as well!

This is today’s Fall Front Porch Decor showcase:

This is the porch of Emily, from DecorChick:


The reason I chose Emily’s porch is her use of the vibrant fall colors, her fun full garland surrounding the door using Command brand hooks, and her use of last year’s wreath that she updated with more leaves to match the red in the garland.  I love it!  I also love those bright orange pumpkins.  And the wheelbarrow.  Even the doormat is in on the fall festivities!  Go take a look at her site and see how this little entryway was transformed into a big beautiful welcome with TONS of personality!


Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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