Unique Focal Point – Wall Art

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Today’s highlighted site is actually a business. But because Creating Harmony is all about inspirational creativity, I wanted to put this here. This is a really fun piece that functions as artwork, a focal point, and a photo center!

The website, Trading Phrases, is absolutely FULL of creativity!  I enjoy that they have FREE STUFF like this, and CRAFT PROJECTS , blog links, and tips! I haven’t bought anything from them, and they don’t know me from Adam (!), so they aren’t paying for a mention, but this is a site worth checking out!

The alternatives would include painting it on yourself, permanently with acrylic paint (meaning you’ll have to paint over it some day) or, if you are determined, you might create your own with a silhouette (I guess you could do it in bits & pieces…).  But I like the idea of using the vinyl.  Some things are worth buying, then adding your own touches!

Check out Trading Phrases and let them inspire you!


Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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