Outside the Box: Lampshade

How many people would search for that perfect lamp? Honestly, I have bought junk then watched and waited until I found one or two with character, and I slipped them in their stead. One year I searched and searched for a discount version of a lamp that was WAY too much money.  I never did find it… But the point is, I believe that some of us feel that lighting and lamps are jewelry we give to the room.  Now of course, there are some people that can pull off lots of jewelry, and they know just how to do it, but many of us use standard accoutrements and use our lamps to liven up the space.

This crafter does both.  Honest!

How clever is this?  I love it:

I couldn’t find a site button, but the site is called A Little Glass Box, and the hostess is Courtney.

Please check out her site, here, for her description of the project, and her reasoning behind it. I just love a good story, don’t you?  and then run your eyes over the pictures and notice other ways she thinks outside the box. And then play around on her site for inspiration.

You can thank me later!


2 Comments on “Outside the Box: Lampshade”

  1. Courtney says:

    Love the blog Lori! Thanks so much for honoring me with a post ;.) You’re amazing!

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you, Courtney! I love your blog, your creativity, and all the sweet things you post about your family! So glad you could stop over and enjoy the spotlight! ~Lori

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