Outside the Box: Lampshade

How many people would search for that perfect lamp? Honestly, I have bought junk then watched and waited until I found one or two with character, and I slipped them in their stead. One year I searched and searched for a discount version of a lamp that was WAY too much money.  I never did find it… But the point is, I believe that some of us feel that lighting and lamps are jewelry we give to the room.  Now of course, there are some people that can pull off lots of jewelry, and they know just how to do it, but many of us use standard accoutrements and use our lamps to liven up the space.

This crafter does both.  Honest!

How clever is this?  I love it:

I couldn’t find a site button, but the site is called A Little Glass Box, and the hostess is Courtney.

Please check out her site, here, for her description of the project, and her reasoning behind it. I just love a good story, don’t you?  and then run your eyes over the pictures and notice other ways she thinks outside the box. And then play around on her site for inspiration.

You can thank me later!


Charms – So Easy!

Just LOOK at this beautiful photo of these gorgeous charms:

I think these charms are beautiful, and I’m not normally into Victorian anything – these beauties are just lovely!

These charms were made by Angelina, who hosts Ruby Jean (or www.shopbyrubyjean.blogspot.com). Here is her button so you can peruse her site:

On her site you will find a TUTORIAL about how she made these charms.  The tutorial is detailed and includes lots of photos, simple instructions, and material brands that she used.  I find that it always helps when crafters and artists lists the brands of the materials they use, for two reasons…  One is that if I know of something equal to use but less expensive, I might try that, and reason two is that if I DO use different materials, and it doesn’t look as good as the original, then I can try it again using the correct materials (because sometimes its not the inept crafter – me – sometimes it really is my choice of materials!).

I am definitely going to make some of these!

DIY Photo “Canvas”

How about this quick and easy and sharp looking project?

Today’s project is from Shanty2Chic – which I just discovered and is one of my new FAVORITE blogs!!  Take a look at the HUGE project gallery and you’ll see why!  The DIY Photo Canvas project highlighted here is an example of how easy their projects are, but how finished they look when complete.

I say “their” because this site is a joint effort by two sisters, Whitney and Ashley.  Check out the DIY Photo Canvas tutorial HERE and browse around their website (I could NOT find a button, sorry!).

I would bet that after looking at their huge project gallery that you will either be following their blog or pinning 90% of their projects (or doing both, lol).  Have fun!

Paper Beads

PaperBeadNecklace3 300x300 Rolled Paper Bead Necklace

Today’s project is a beautiful piece by Johnnie over at Saved by Love Creations.  She has worked using paper in the past, just look at her tutorial page for the links.  Here is her blog button…

I have been following her blog for quite a while now, and though it seems like it has been around for a while, its not that old!  Yet what a following she has!  People know quality when they see it.  Like the necklace I’m highlighting today:

PaperBeadNecklace10 300x300 Rolled Paper Bead Necklace


Head on over to her site for the tutorial!!

Be Thankful and let it Be Known!

Around here, as much as I think some Halloween decorations are so cute, I don’t decorate for that holiday too much.

Sometimes I suspect its because I often forget to decorate at all, so putting “fall” decor out in October, that can count for Thanksgiving, works best for me!  I usually put some corn stalks around my light pole, along with the fake (but pretty) sunflowers on a vine.  Then I’ve done the very minimum that I can call holiday decorations!

Here is a project that is perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond, but the choice of colors makes it a great match for autumnal celebrations!

This “Be Thankful” board, by Becky at The Crafting Chicks, is a project that has a quick return.  In my case, I don’t have a silhouette, so I bought some alphabet letters with sticky backs, from Jo-Anne’s Fabrics.  Otherwise, this simple project can be made with things you probably have sitting around your house!

The Crafting Chicks

Go over to The Crafting Chicks website and get the full tutorial!  Enjoy!

A Nod to Halloween Decor – Sisters of the Wild West

Simplistic & Spooky.  Okay, not so spooky, but really cute, even for those who aren’t die-hard Halloween fans (me!).  But this project is great.  I also LOVE the garland above the project.

I follow this blog and not only do they show off some great projects of their own, they also highlight projects done by others. If you check out their website you’ll also find that they host a lively link party!

Don’t forget to check out their side for the details on how to make your own Halloween Art Set!

Simply Peaceful Centerpiece

Today’s blog project is from:

Beth at Home Stories A2Z makes beauty look simple. She brings a light, restful, and happy attitude to blogging and to her projects.

Her creation I am highlighting today is all of these. It is a centerpiece that she says she quickly created, because she wanted to participate in a blogging party link-up. And look how beautiful her quickly made creation came out:

Make sure to head over to Home Stories A2Z to find out how Beth created this beautiful (and beautifully quick) centerpiece…