Charms – So Easy!

Just LOOK at this beautiful photo of these gorgeous charms:

I think these charms are beautiful, and I’m not normally into Victorian anything – these beauties are just lovely!

These charms were made by Angelina, who hosts Ruby Jean (or Here is her button so you can peruse her site:

On her site you will find a TUTORIAL about how she made these charms.  The tutorial is detailed and includes lots of photos, simple instructions, and material brands that she used.  I find that it always helps when crafters and artists lists the brands of the materials they use, for two reasons…  One is that if I know of something equal to use but less expensive, I might try that, and reason two is that if I DO use different materials, and it doesn’t look as good as the original, then I can try it again using the correct materials (because sometimes its not the inept crafter – me – sometimes it really is my choice of materials!).

I am definitely going to make some of these!


Paper Beads

PaperBeadNecklace3 300x300 Rolled Paper Bead Necklace

Today’s project is a beautiful piece by Johnnie over at Saved by Love Creations.  She has worked using paper in the past, just look at her tutorial page for the links.  Here is her blog button…

I have been following her blog for quite a while now, and though it seems like it has been around for a while, its not that old!  Yet what a following she has!  People know quality when they see it.  Like the necklace I’m highlighting today:

PaperBeadNecklace10 300x300 Rolled Paper Bead Necklace


Head on over to her site for the tutorial!!