Love the unexpected!

Picture Plaques

Would you believe that this gorgeous decoration was created from DRAWER FRONTS??


Jen from Craftomaniac created this adorable decoration (well, its actually plural but I love it as a set…) from the drawer fronts of a baby changing table!

I have been following Jen’s blog for a year now, and she always does the unexpected and Makes it Happen.  Her upbeat attitude and out of the box creativity get you pumped up for crafting!  Reading her posts are like being cheered on by an aerobics a crafting instructor.  Or a great DJ.

Check out her project instructions, or link to the homepage of her website here, with her button:



DIY Photo “Canvas”

How about this quick and easy and sharp looking project?

Today’s project is from Shanty2Chic – which I just discovered and is one of my new FAVORITE blogs!!  Take a look at the HUGE project gallery and you’ll see why!  The DIY Photo Canvas project highlighted here is an example of how easy their projects are, but how finished they look when complete.

I say “their” because this site is a joint effort by two sisters, Whitney and Ashley.  Check out the DIY Photo Canvas tutorial HERE and browse around their website (I could NOT find a button, sorry!).

I would bet that after looking at their huge project gallery that you will either be following their blog or pinning 90% of their projects (or doing both, lol).  Have fun!

Unique Focal Point – Wall Art

Pinned Image

Today’s highlighted site is actually a business. But because Creating Harmony is all about inspirational creativity, I wanted to put this here. This is a really fun piece that functions as artwork, a focal point, and a photo center!

The website, Trading Phrases, is absolutely FULL of creativity!  I enjoy that they have FREE STUFF like this, and CRAFT PROJECTS , blog links, and tips! I haven’t bought anything from them, and they don’t know me from Adam (!), so they aren’t paying for a mention, but this is a site worth checking out!

The alternatives would include painting it on yourself, permanently with acrylic paint (meaning you’ll have to paint over it some day) or, if you are determined, you might create your own with a silhouette (I guess you could do it in bits & pieces…).  But I like the idea of using the vinyl.  Some things are worth buying, then adding your own touches!

Check out Trading Phrases and let them inspire you!